Opharm produces and offers Medical Face Mask We always have fair prices. All our mask are CE approved and tested according to international test standards.

The National Board of Health now recommends the use of Face Mask for all persons and there are orders in the public space. Likewise, in other countries such as Poland, Spain, France, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and the United States, the use of masks in public spaces is recommended or mandatory.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that if you show signs of illness or associate with potentially infected people, you can use a Face Mask, and that something in general indicates that there is a lower risk of infection for viruses when using them.

Opharm recommends that you always follow the Health and Medicines Authority's advice to protect yourself and others from viruses. We see the use of Face Mask as a supplement to these and not a substitute.

At Opharm, we only produce approved quality Face Mask. Our expertise is your guarantee that you get the right product. We know what we are dealing with and we can give the right advice.

We know what it's about when materials and production need to go up in a higher unit so you get a quality product you can trust.

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